About Us

NTC Energy Partners LLC is a private, energy and fuel trading company operating with various trading teams globally in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Our specialized personnel handle every aspect of origination, transportation, storage, blending and financing. NTC Energy Partners have secured key relationships with national and major oil companies, with a strong focus on emerging markets and niche products.

Our Activities

Our core business is sourcing, supplying and trading crude oil and refined petroleum products. From these origins, we have expanded the portfolio to encompass petrochemicals, biofuels, environmental products, natural gas and LNG, power, coal, iron ore, base metals and a range of other dry bulk commodities and agricultural products.

We enhance our trading activities with strategic assets by providing valuable insights into the market places where we operate.

Our core asset is to encompass and optimize the complete supply chain mechanism and process.

Our expertise and experience in this field enables us to efficiently manage the entire process starting from the initial production to all the way to the delivery of the final product.

Our Values


We embrace innovation and have created a culture of compliance, teamwork and integration.


We operate in full compliance with the laws and regulations that apply and additionally go over and above our obligations by applying higher standards across our businesses.

Social responsibility

We are more than a business; we are part of society. We contribute to developing opportunities for people and improving the life of the communities in which we are active.


Conducting our business with integrity and high ethical standards, and fostering an environment of mutual respect for all employees is imperative to our continued success.

Our Team

Oleksiy Stati

Senior Global Directing Manager / Owner of NTC Energy Partners, LLC.

Capt. Oleksiy was born and lives in Odesa region, Ukraine. He graduated from Odessa National Maritime Academy in 2005. Since graduation and until 2009 he had been working for different shipping Majors and attained the position of Operations Manager ashore. From 2013 onwards he has been working for different Oil Majors in Senior Management positions.

Capt. Oleksiy has over the years built a very trusted and successful relationship with top refineries and trading Majors worldwide.

Calvin Ramnarinesingh

Treasure of NTC Energy Partners.

Calvin was born in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and for over the last 17 years been living in Houston, Texas. Calvin has worked in the Oil and Gas industries for the last 15 years as an Operation Manager for Blanchard Industrial, LLC and Turner Industries.

Calvin has built an ongoing bond and trusted relationship with the top refineries in the world.

Toby Blanchard

Vice President of NTC Energy Partners.

Toby is an American Citizen and has worked in the Oil and Gas Industries for the last 33 years as the CEO for Blanchard Contractors, and as the President of Blanchard Industrial, LLC.

Toby has built a long and trusted relationship with the top refineries in the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream divisions. Toby works with the top Refineries and Chemical plants on a daily basis.

Nicholas Ramdass

Chief Executive Officer, and Managing Director of NTC Energy Partners.

Nicholas was born in The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and now over the last 20 years has been living in Houston, Texas. He has worked in the Oil and Gas industries for the last 17 years as a VP of Operations with Blanchard Industrial, LLC.

Nicholas over the years has built a strong and trusted relationship with the top refineries in the world.